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zero me plz lul zero me plz lul

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You say "I suck"...

but you don't suck, man. This sounds like an awesome start to me.
I want to hear the completed track! Bad-ass-ness all around, hehe! Heavy, sweet drums, great wobbly dubby bass, and superb drop! :) Crank this badboy out already!


Airship Travel Airship Travel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

If VNV Nation went orchestral,

this great tune would be the result. :) Quite peaceful and spacious indeed.

Would you extend this? Please?? I could use some more good meditation music.


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lanky21 responds:

just for you Floyd, I will. although I tend to like projects less when I go back and mess with them, I'll risk it.

Revolution Revolution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great sounds

Wow, those opening and ending pad sounds are heavenly!
My only constructive criticism would be to maybe try adding little "lead-in" sounds (like reverse cymbals, or drum rolls) between your transitions, to help smooth the sections out--each section stand great on its own, now just place a 'smoother' here and there, and everything will be even more awesome!

That pause/drop at 1:37-ish is great!

Try making the kick drum sound slightly clearer, so it pops out in the mix more, it's just a bit too hidden--it's a wet, Psytrance-y kick sound, which is nice, and it should stand out nicely like you did with your crisp snare drum. :)

(My uncle Sam is from Brazil, so cheers!)


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byfreddy responds:

Wonderful your comment and suggestion! Will highlight tips and maybe end up doing a mix of this song?

From my heart, thank you so much!